In a similar vein to Year 9, much of the curriculum remains compulsory when students begin Key Stage 4 and GCSEs. All students will continue to study the core curriculum of RE, Maths, English Language, English Literature and Sciences. Furthermore, all students will continue to study PE and Personal Development.  

The vast majority of GCSEs are now assessed solely by formal written examinations, taken at the end of Year 11, with no re-sit opportunities and no coursework or controlled assessment.  

As such, our guiding principle is to strongly recommend a pathway that will ensure students study a range of courses appropriate to their academic ability, to ensure suitable challenge and to give the best possible chance of success. 

The video below is a webinar from our 2024 Year Nine Options session:

Information about our pathways can be seen below:

Information about each course in Key Stage 4 can be found on the individual subject page.