To access Office 365, follow the instructions outlined here:
  • Type into google “office 365 login” or type the following address into the address bar or click on the link below:

  • You now need to use your school email address to login:

f[email protected]

(for example: [email protected])

  • Your password is the usual password that you use to login into the school network at St Mary’s
  • Click on “OneDrive” – this contains all of your documents and those that are shared with you
  • On the left hand side, you should see an option for “Shared”, click on this and there should be folders for your subjects or revision material (depending on year group)
  • Additionally, you will have received an email that you can read by clicking on outlook – this will also direct you to the shared resources.
The following slides illustrate this process:

Download (PPTX, 981KB)