Exam Board AQA
Qualification A Level




Grade 6 in English Literature



(Outline of


Year 12

Literary Genres: Shakespeare and one other drama text

Literary Genres: Prose and Poetry


Year 13

Literary Genres: Aspects of Tragedy or Comedy

Texts and Genres: Elements of Crime Writing or Political and Social Protest

Theory and Independence: Independent coursework responding to ideas from a critical anthology


Assessment Paper 1: Literary Genres—Aspects of Tragedy or Comedy

2hours 30mins, closed book, 40% of A-Level.

Paper 2: Texts and Genres—Elements of Crime Writing or Political and Social Protest

3hours, open book, 40% of A-Level

Coursework: Theory and Independence

20% of A-Level


 Careers Guidance This course develops skills in communicating ideas and making informed judgements. It is suited to disciplines where communication in both speech and writing is paramount. Progression routes include:

The ability to read carefully, assimilate information quickly and exercise judgement wisely makes Law a natural course to take.

The ability to listen, assess, and reach decisions about people are all fostered by the course. Literature is concerned with people and consequently makes the Civil Service a natural option.

Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are central to any child’s learning. Primary or secondary teaching is a natural and rewarding option.

Recent graduate information has shown people with an A-Level in English Literature have progressed into employment with roles such as freelance writer, recruitment consultant and social media manager.

Key Information

Transition Work

The transition work for English Literature can be found below.

Students should attempt to complete one task weekly over the summer ahead of the start of the course.


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