At St Mary’s we achieve high participation in extra-curricular and wider enrichment opportunities, including for our most disadvantaged and SEND students (supported by funding for disadvantaged students from the school) and this is a clear indicator of the vibrant life of the school and our significant focus on developing all students holistically.

At St Mary’s, students are offered a wide-range of wider opportunities in all areas, including different subject clubs and extra-curricular groups, many Music ensembles, orchestras and choirs, art and drama enrichment, including a yearly school Musical. Most recently in March 2022, we produced and led a school production of the Sound of Music and over the last 4 years we have led Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, Billy Elliott and Mary Poppins. We have many Music Evenings and celebrations throughout the year and a huge breadth of educational visits both in the UK and abroad, including a yearly Sixth Form expedition to Zambia, and yearly educational visits to the First World War Battlefields, a Ski-trip to France, Languages trips to Barcelona and Normandy and an outward-bounds visit to Thurston in the Lake District. These trips go-ahead annually, COVID restrictions and circumstances permitting. We also lead many other cultural trips to theatres, galleries and museums and have international links and partner school initiatives with schools in China and France

We ensure that 100% of students, including all SEND and all disadvantaged students, take part in wider enrichment in the school, including:

  • individual and group fundraising during Advent and Lent
  • an annual spiritual retreat, organised as a residential or off-timetable day in school
  • participation in spiritual development opportunities such as liturgies, Remembrance Day commemorations and Holocaust Memorial activities
  • a visit to a local cinema to celebrate achievement
  • sporting events/competitions
  • attendance at a variety of internal and external talks covering all areas of the Personal Development Programme.

In terms of attendance at extra-curricular activities, for 2021 – 2022 this is also exceptionally strong with 84% of all students attending extra-curricular activities, including 86% of our SEND students and 82% of our Disadvantaged students.

In a Student Survey of Years 7-13, 95% of students agreed/strongly agreed that they are given many opportunities to take part in the wider life of the school. A recent Parental survey supported that view with 94% of parents agreeing/strongly agreeing that their child is given opportunities to take part in wider life of the school (with Parents of PP students being 95% and Parents of SEND being 94%).

Extra-Curricular Timetables

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