High quality relationships amongst everyone in our community are at the heart of our ethos and explain, more than anything else, why we are such a successful school. Your child will be extremely well cared for at St Mary’s. All staff strive to value and nurture each student as a unique individual, blessed with God-given gifts and talents. We offer students wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth and development, to support them on their journey in this life and to prepare them for the life to come. We all encourage our students to use and develop their gifts and talents to the full, for their own sake and in the service of others.


Our aims are:

To develop in our students an understanding of the Catholic faith and a love of the values of the Gospel, in order to support all students, from whatever Faith background, on their spiritual journey and so help them live life to the full.

To nurture in our students a sense of gratitude for their God-given gifts, talents and opportunities, and to encourage them to develop a lifelong commitment to serving others, by using their gifts and talents well, whether in school, in the home, the parish, the workplace, the local community or in the wider world.

To ensure that relationships in school are rooted firmly in Gospel values, with students living out those values and demonstrating respect for themselves and others, through their excellent behaviour and conduct, their good manners and their acts of kindness and compassion.

To inspire in our students a love of learning and a real appreciation of the joys and benefits which learning can bring to others and to themselves.

To help our students develop into self-confident young adults, at ease with themselves and others, with lively, enquiring minds, the ability to think deeply and question and argue rationally.

To provide our students with the knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes necessary for further learning and for adult life generally, whether at home, in the workplace or in the wider community.

To help our students communicate by using language and number effectively.

To help our students understand the physical world in which we live.

To help our students appreciate the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations and provide them with good social, economic and political awareness.

To provide our students with knowledge and experiences to keep them fit and healthy.

To help our students develop their aesthetic appreciation, by introducing them to a wide variety of experiences, both in school and beyond.

To develop and sustain high academic standards in all curriculum areas and ensure that students gain excellent academic qualifications commensurate with their ability.

To provide a positive, happy and fulfilling school experience for our students, where they feel safe and secure and are regularly praised and encouraged for their efforts and achievements in all aspects of school life.