The benefits of students being read to, and having reading modelled to them by adults, and reading whole texts, are well documented.  Our Form Time Reading programme allows students to access rich and engaging texts outside lessons and it gives them the opportunity to read new titles which they might not typically choose.  Reading these texts will also help them contextualise their vocabulary and provide exposure to a range of cultural references and topical issues outside of their usual spheres of reference.  Reading in Form Time also helps to develop the bond between tutors and their tutees and provides a calm and purposeful start to the day.

At KS3, Young Adult texts have been chosen to provide a contrast with the more canonical texts covered within the English Curriculum.  Given that Form Classes are mixed ability, books were chosen that have a wide ranging appeal, and interesting themes and cultural references in order to build cultural capital.  Choices are age appropriate and content becomes more serious and challenging progressively through the age groups.  Representation of gender, cultures, ethnicity and sexuality was also factored in when choosing books, both in terms of characters and authors, to reflect the diversity of our school community. Books were chosen which are plot-driven and have a linear narrative structure, so that students can recall events when reading from week to week.