• Whilst the key areas of T&L development are school-centred and based on our ongoing evaluative processes, the direction of developments also has a steer from recent research. Armed with the findings of current and robust research, the developments we make are therefore rooted in research but feed into our work with departments and teachers in a measured and appropriate way that works for the context of our school.

  • The focus of whole school CPD sessions and bespoke training for HODs on these T&Lpriorities are therefore linked to what educational research has shown is beneficial forstudents. Examples of work on these priorities informed by research include:

    • HOD team working together on sequencing of their curriculums as a bespoketraining for this leadership group. HODs then worked with teachers in theirdepartments on the same theme, ensuring that opportunities to revisit and link toprior learning were maximised in the curriculum.

    • In T&L CPD teachers focused on retention and retrieval, making opportunities torevisit previous work and build on it, identifying and intervening withmisconceptions and responding and adapting teaching.

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