A very popular and oversubscribed school

St Mary’s is the fastest growing school in Newcastle and one of the fastest growing in the north-east. We have been oversubscribed for each of the last three years. There are now around 1,050 students on roll including 140 in the Sixth Form, versus a total of 850 three years ago. This rise in student numbers at St Mary’s has occurred despite a demographic decline in secondary student numbers across the city and region. St Mary’s popularity can be seen in the size of our current year groups. Year 10 and 11 average 145 students each, whilst Years 7, 8 and 9 each have around 200 students. The good news for those seeking a place for 2013 is that our fantastic new building has been designed to accommodate 1150 students, in anticipation of rising student numbers in the years ahead, though the school will never become too big.

St Mary’s uniqueness

St Mary’s is the only mixed, Catholic secondary school in Newcastle but it is not just for Catholics. We welcome all students equally to St Mary’s from whatever Faith or ethnic background. We strive to give each one of our students an outstanding, all round education, in a Catholic/Christian context. We aim to live by the message of the Gospel in every aspect of school life and to follow the example of Christ. Most but not all students join St Mary’s from our excellent Catholic partner primaries with whom we share the same ethos. Our community is enriched by children from other excellent schools in Newcastle and beyond, including from overseas.