Each half term, all Sixth Form students are given the opportunity to complete our Sixth Form Survey to provide feedback on their experience in the Sixth Form.

Following a recent Sixth Form student survey, the following positive feedback was received by the majority of respondents (at least 95% of students responded that they agreed or strongly agreed) to each of these statements.

  • I enjoy coming to the Sixth Form at St Mary’s and I am pleased that I attend St Mary’s.
  • I feel safe at the Sixth Form.
  • I feel well supported in the Sixth Form.
  • I enjoy my learning at the Sixth Form.
  • I feel the behaviour is good in the Sixth Form.
  • I am given the opportunities to develop socially, morally and spiritually at St Mary’s.
  • I am given opportunities to take part in the wider life of the school (e.g., school clubs and activities).
  • I am given guidance about future careers and qualifications in the Sixth Form.
  • I am given opportunities to learn independently in the SIxth Form.

Other comments included:

The Sixth Form provides good support and opportunities to use for our personal statements and advice for applying to university.

There is a nice sense of community and learning is easier in the teaching environment we have.

At the Sixth Form, we are offered an amazing range of extracurricular opportunities and also opportunities for open days and courses to help with applying to university or apprenticeships.

The Sixth Form is a calm environment and allows me to focus and be happy.

There are a wide range of subjects and the Sixth Form supports the students well.

The Sixth Form has been very supportive during our examination period, giving tips and advice for exam success.

I enjoy all of the super-curricular work that we focus on.

The Sixth Form does well at ensuring the safety of students and giving them independent time to discover what ways of independent study are effective for them.

The Sixth Form provide a lot of useful guidance for future opportunities and teachers have really helped with applying to UCAS and preparing for interviews.