Sixth Form students have daily contact with their form tutor who will be experienced in supporting students and helping them to achieve their absolute best. The relationship between the form tutor and student is essential to success in the Sixth Form, as tutors will monitor and support students throughout the two years of their studies, acting as both a pastoral guide and academic mentor. They will work with their tutees, getting to know them well as individuals, helping to nurture their talents and interests as well as supporting them academically. Form tutors will have the holistic overview of how our students are progressing in the Sixth Form and they will be the first point of contact if parents or students have any concerns or problems.


As well as a form tutor, students are currently supported by a Sixth Form Pastoral Team consisting of two Heads of Year (each dedicated to either Year 12 or Year 13) and an Assistant Headteacher leading the Sixth Form. As key and senior leaders in the school, they work with students and their families to ensure their needs are met. They will monitor students’ pastoral and academic progress very closely to ensure all students are fully supported in reaching their full potential and provide intervention if this is not the case.