St Mary’s Catholic School is committed to the principle that every member of the school community is entitled to equal opportunities and treatment irrespective of ethnic or national origin, race, gender, physical disability, sexual orientation, marital status, social background or religion.

At St Mary’s our commitment to equal opportunities and treatment is informed by the  teachings of the Catholic Church and the regulations of the Catholic Education Service (CES).


  • To recruit appropriate staff, students and support staff from a broad range of cultural, social and religious backgrounds and to ensure that each individual receives recognition that their identity is a valued element in a diverse and mutually supportive community.
  • To actively ensure that courses and learning experiences at the school enable all individuals to develop their skills, talents and personal qualities to the fully enable them to successfully progress into further or higher education and/or employment, regardless of their age, ability, gender, sexuality, ethnic or religious background.
  • To ensure that access to school facilities is provided for people with physical disabilities, to such an extent that they afford the same opportunities as for able-bodied persons.
  • To encourage developments, support individuals and promote harmonious relationships between all members of the school and the wider community so that all members possess a sense of value, personal worth and dignity.
  • To ensure that all employees will be afforded the opportunity to undertake training relevant to their present roles and future aspirations.
  • To provide an opportunity for all members of the school community, to contribute to the decision making process.
  • To act as a safeguard for all members of the school community.

All members of St Mary’s Catholic School community will share responsibility for ensuring that there are equal opportunities throughout the school. Staff training and development opportunities should be make available as appropriate.

For further details, please read our policy below:

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