For your physical section, you need to choose any sport, dance or fitness activity – in short, anything that requires a sustained level of energy and physical activity. For example, playing a sport regularly and showing personal improvement would count.

However, learning to be a coach in the same sport would be a Skills section activity, whilst being a volunteer coach counts for the Volunteering section.

You need to have an assessor for this section, who fills out a report at the end of your time. This could be a football coach, a music teacher or your form teacher at school. Find out more info here:

You need to be sure you have completed the full timescale for each of your activities for each section and your assessor must agree!

To “pass” the award you need to login to edofe and complete details of all your activities to finish your Award. Your assessor will need to provide a report. Give this link to your assessor when you have finished your section:

Please find information about the physical section here:

Physical FAQs:

Stuck for ideas? Check out this page: