All Sixth Form students are expected to participate in the Student Leadership Scheme. As the most senior students in the school, Sixth Form students are expected to act as positive role models for all other students in the school community guiding them both academically and pastorally. Students are entrusted with leadership roles in various aspects of school life, with activities such as running extra-curricular activities, acting as classroom assistants, and assisting the duty staff. It is of paramount importance that Sixth Form students are visible in all aspects of day-to-day school life to assist and enrich the experience of other students whilst preparing them for leading others in the modern world.

Sixth Form students are also encouraged to become involved in leadership, by taking on key roles and responsibilities within school. The Sixth Form Leadership Team is a visible and respected group of students whose presence can be seen across a huge variety of school events. Students are asked to apply for a position on the Sixth Form Leadership Team in Year 12 and fulfil their responsibilities until they must focus on their preparations for their examinations at the end of Year 13.