At St Mary’s we believe that all children are unique, with their own God-given gifts and talents. We know that different children have different strengths and, for this reason, the children are placed into mixed-ability form groups and then set according to their ability in each subject. For example, your child may be in Set 1 for English and Set 2 for Maths. In over 50% of the lessons during the first year, the students are taught in their mixed-ability form classes, just as they were in Year 6. In subjects such as Maths, English, Science, and Modern Foreign Languages, the setting will be done according to ability in each subject.

This is flexible and movement between sets will happen regularly as learning progresses. Increasing use is made of grouping by ability as students move through Key Stage 3. We firmly believe that this system is the fairest for all students and ensures that children are happy and achieve their best. This system has led to record levels of achievement at each Key Stage over the last five years.