Office 365

This is cloud based and can be accessed via any type of device. Through this, you can access your email and any folders shared with students. We have used this method to create the shared folders for each year group. The PowerPoint below is a reminder about how to access this remotely:

Download (PDF, 192KB)

Remote Access

If you feel you need more detailed access to the school network, then this method is also useful. Using the remote access method would mean that you could access SIMs or the T Drive. It is not possible to access these via Office 365. I have attached two documents that you would need to read and complete (User MFA Guide and Using RDS remote Access) if you have not previously accessed the network this way. To access the school network using the remote access, please click on the link:

Required Documents:

Download (PDF, 153KB)

Download (PDF, 155KB)