Hear what our Sixth Form students have to say about their time at St. Mary’s Sixth Form.

“As a safe, inclusive and supportive environment I would encourage anyone looking at St Mary’s to come. From the school musicals to incredible trips abroad St Mary’s has lots to offer. I am truly thankful to the school for pushing me academically and through extracurricular activities, I wouldn’t be where I am now without their constant support and belief in not only me but every single student. I owe every success to this incredible school!”

“I love how St Mary’s genuinely cares about our opinions and how we feel as students. They always make us feel listened-to and respected to ensure that our learning environment feels as comfortable and as safe as possible. This was especially apparent during stressful exam times when teachers and staff would always treat our worries and concerns with importance to make sure that we were equally emotionally supported as academically supported.”

“You just need to follow your dreams and that’s what I did. My teachers in the creative departments supported and guided me to develop creative portfolios that helped me to start my journey into the fashion world. I felt that I have had this support throughout my time at St Mary’s, especially from my form teacher.”

“St Mary’s Sixth Form had a friendly but focused atmosphere that allowed me to achieve everything that I wanted to from my A-Levels. The extra-curricular music opportunities were good and being able to take part in and help run the Music and Drama departments’ yearly production was a highlight!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the extra freedom Sixth Form granted, both academically and otherwise. The support available for the UCAS process was especially good, and helped me obtain a place at my first choice university”.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at St Mary’s, I was pushed academically, challenged and offered support whenever I needed it. Without St Mary’s I don’t think I would have the motivation or skills to peruse my next step. It’s an amazing, safe and supportive environment but most importantly I always walked out with a smile on my face.”

“I have loved my time at St. Mary’s. The teachers have been so supportive and encouraging inside and outside of lessons, making the work load easier to handle. The Sixth Form area provided a great environment both for socialising and revision.”

“I joined St. Mary’s in Year 12 from another school and felt welcomed despite the challenges of the pandemic. Not only did I receive guidance and encouragement with my A-Levels but also support with my UCAS application (especially interview preparation) that helped me to achieve my goals.”

“I am delighted with my grades in my A-levels, a worthy reward for both my hard work and constant efforts of the amazing staff at St Mary’s Sixth Form; who will always go the extra mile to help us achieve.”

“I am very proud of all that I have achieved at St Mary’s and I am most grateful for the teachers that have encouraged me along the way to have the confidence to always aim high, as that confidence is now with me as I look forward to my future.”

“I’m very happy with my examination results and it was nice that my time at Sixth Form was such a happy one. I am also very thankful for all the support I received in Sixth Form through pastoral staff and subject teachers”.