Uniform is a very important part of our school. It promotes a sense of identity, avoids divisiveness, and helps create and foster in every student a sense of personal pride and pride in the school. Uniform provides practical clothing for the very many different tasks to be done during a busy day. It also prepares students for the reality of work where uniform of one sort or another is often expected. The uniform at St Mary’s is outstanding and we would like this excellent standard to continue and appreciate parental support in ensuring that this is the case.

Main Uniform – Must be purchased through Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd

  • Navy blazer with embroidered St Mary’s badge.
  • School tie.
  • Navy V-neck jumper with St Mary’s logo.
  • Custom made pleated school skirt for Year 7 – 10. Please ensure that the skirt is the correct waist and length measurement. Once bought, it should not be altered in any way and should be worn at an appropriate length. (For your information, the majority of girls wear the school skirt but the standard fit school trousers can also be worn).

Main Uniform – May be purchased from any store

  • Standard white shirt, large enough at the neck to allow the top button to be comfortably fastened at all times. No fitted shirts to be worn.
  • Standard fit, charcoal grey school trousers.
  • Plain black standard school shoes, which are able to be polished. Trainers, trainer style shoes, canvas shoes, suede shoes or shoes with any logos, colours, buckles or accessories are not allowed (see enclosed pictures for examples of suitable footwear). No knee boots or ankle boots are to be worn.
  • Plain white or black ankle socks or plain black or natural coloured tights. No leggings or patterned socks are to be worn.
  • A student who for religious reasons wears a head covering must ensure it is plain black or navy blue.

P.E. Uniform – Must be purchased through Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd

  • Navy embroidered top.
  • Navy shorts and/or navy tracksuit bottoms for the girls.
  • White shorts for the boys.
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms (optional) for the boys.
  • Navy PE sweatshirt and/or waterproof jacket.

P.E. Uniform – May be purchased from any store

  • Sturdy training shoes (not boots, plimsolls or fashion/leisure shoes).
  • White sports socks.

New PE uniform introduced for Year 7 and Year 12 for September 2022. This includes a Navy embroidered polo shirt and Navy shorts (or tracksuit bottoms). This new PE uniform is unisex.

Here is the link for the Michael Seghal & Sons Ltd website: https://www.michaelsehgal.co.uk/schools/st-marys-catholic-school/

Hairstyles, jewellery and make up

  • Hair must be a natural colour only and hairstyles are not to follow extremes of fashion such as shaved heads, tramlines, patterns or dyed hair. Boys’ hair should be cut no shorter than grade 2.
  • Only simple, plain black or navy headbands or hairclips are allowed for girls.
  • No make up or nail varnish is to be worn or carried in school. False nails are not allowed.
  • The only jewellery allowed to be worn is a watch and a pair of plain gold or silver studs. However, all jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.
  • Badges are not allowed to be worn on the school uniform.
  • Wristbands and bracelets are not allowed to be worn.

Outdoor coats

  • Sensible outdoor coats may be worn on the journey to school. However, outdoor coats must not be worn in the school building.


For all our students to enjoy success at school and reach their full potential, they need to be fully equipped for lessons and avoid any distractions. In order to achieve this, the following guidelines must be adhered to.

  • All students must have a plain dark coloured (Black or Navy) practical school bag large enough for school files (A4). The bag should not be a fashion item (i.e. no handbags) and should be able to be carried on the back or over the shoulder with a long strap.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off and out of sight during the school day at all times.
  • No headphones are allowed in school.
  • All students must have 2 pens, a pencil, rubber, ruler, protractor and a calculator.
  • All students must carry their planner and fill this in every lesson.

Second Hand Uniform

Old School Uniform is an online platform where you can give away, sell and buy second hand school uniform. It’s free to use and has been designed to connect local school communities in a practical way.

If you have school uniform that your children have out-grown, no longer use or have never worn, or if you are looking to purchase a second-hand school uniform for your child, you can use the following link:

If there are any issues with the payment of uniform, then please contact your child’s Head of Year to discuss how we can help support you.