November 2023

On Friday 20th October, our Sixth Form Business class took a trip to the NE1 CAN event about Entrepreneurial insights in the Catalyst Building,Newcastle University. We had four amazing speakers come and speak to us about their business journeys and how they got to where they are today. Anna Hedworth is the owner of two successful restaurants, Charlie Hoult runs several businesses including Hoult’s Yard in Byker, Michaela Reaney is the co-founder of Opportunity Global and Caroline Crawford operates and owns Moody Haulage and Logistics. I found their stories extremely fascinating and insightful and thought their advice was very useful to helping my career choices for the future.

It was very inspiring to hear the real life stories and experiences that these entrepreneurs went through and I found it very interesting how some of them had no intention of starting a business but ended up with lots of success. Overall, it was a great experience and it really broadened my understanding of business and how to run one.

Written by Harris (Year 12)

July 2023

Year 12 Economics and Business classes took up a fantastic opportunity this Tuesday. An early start prevailed a trip to the capital to visit the houses of parliament and global institution, PwC.

Students arrived in London at 9am and travelled to embankment to visit PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) London office. Upon arrival students were shown to the first floor and into a conference room in which they began the selection of activities provided for them. After a very informative and interesting talk from senior members of staff, students took part in a case study task in which the individual groups looked at how different companies would go about collecting data to maximise sales. Afterwards, students got a tour of the 9 floor office building, taking in the working environment and speaking to staff.

After the successful PwC visit, students headed to the Houses of Parliament for an afternoon of experiences. The parliamentary experience began with a Q and A session with Newcastle east and west end MP’s Nick Brown and Catherine McKinnell. Brilliant questions put forward by students Robbie, Azlan, Oli, and Sam lead to excellent discussion. Students were able to listen to the MP’s views on recent topics such as the cost of living crisis, but lighthearted questions such as Azlan’s “has anyone said shut up in Parliament?” Lead to exclusive answers.

While still in parliament, students were guided around the historic rooms which played valuable roles in forming today’s society. They were then directed towards The House of Commons where students got to witness MP’s, such as former prime minister Theresa May, live debate issues surrounding the immigration bill. In addition, students were ushered towards The House of Lords where they got to witness another debate while sitting in touching distance of the Kings throne.

The day drew to a close as students headed back to King’s Cross Station whilst taking in sights such as Buckingham Palace and Downing Street. The classes arrived home at 10pm, tired after an eventful and inspiring trip to the capital.


Written by Oli, Daniyal and Ewan (Year 12)