Exam Board Edexcel
Qualification A Level




Grade 6 in RE and Grade 6 in English Language or English Literature



(Outline of


There is a study of three components that make up the A-level.


1. The study of Philosophy of Religion. Philosophical issues and questions; the nature and influence of religious experience; problems of evil and suffering; religious language; works of scholars; influences of developments in religious beliefs.

2. The study of Religion and Ethics. Significant concepts in issues or debates in religion and ethics; a study of three ethical theories; application of ethical theories to issues of importance; ethical language; deontology, virtue ethics and the works of scholars; medical ethics; beginning and end of life issues.

3. The study of Christianity. Topics are religious beliefs, values, and teachings; sources of wisdom and authority; practices that shape and express religious identity; social and historical developments; works of scholars; religion and society.


This course builds on the GCSE course.



Assessment Three externally assessed written exams comprising three sections. All questions are to be answered.


Section A: two extended response questions.

Section B: one two-part essay question on an excerpt, sourced from the extract list.

Section C: one extended essay question.


All three exams are 2 hours long and each is worth 33.3%.


Careers Guidance Philosophy and Ethics are extremely popular subjects that complement the other areas students choose to study. Many students find that taking this subject supports their learning in other subjects and it can lead on to a variety of different careers.

It is recommended that you opt for Philosophy and Ethics if you are interested in studying the following courses at university: Sociology, Psychology, Law, Nursing, English, Medicine,

Philosophy, History or Theology. There are many more courses to which this A-level can lead. Recent graduate information has shown people with an A-Level in Philosophy have progressed into employment with roles such as paralegal, operations manager and resourcing officer.

Key Information


Transition Work

The transition work for Philosophy and Ethics can be found below.

Students should attempt to complete one task weekly over the summer ahead of the start of the course.

Week 1

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Week 2

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Week 3

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Week 4

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