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Grade 7 in Mathematics



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All the content in the AS/A-Level Mathematics qualification is compulsory and is the same for all examination boards. Two-thirds of the course content is Pure Mathematics (methods and techniques which underpin the study of all other areas of mathematics, such as proof, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and vectors). The remaining one-third of the content is applied mathematics and is split equally between Statistics and Mechanics. All topics are taught across both the AS and A-Level qualification. AS content is taught during Year 12 and then built on in Year 13.


Assessment Paper 1 (331/3%): Pure maths; 2 hours

Paper 2 (331/3%): Pure maths and statistics; 2 hours

Paper 3 (331/3%): Pure maths and mechanics; 2 hours


 Careers Guidance Mathematics is currently the most popular of all A levels taken in England. Young people recognise that it is a highly desirable qualification that can help them achieve their aspirations for further study and their future career. Studying A level Mathematics helps develop a logical approach to problem solving, as well as developing mathematical knowledge and skills, it is valuable preparation for a wide range of degree courses. Mathematics provides a firm foundation for all scientific, technical, engineering, and mathematical careers and a flying start for many others, such as those in finance, medicine, and agriculture. Throughout the course you will be challenged to gain a comprehensive understanding, allowing you to solve complex problems and to independently develop and put forward your own mathematical arguments. Competent mathematicians are in demand in many industries, their skills are considered critical in modern business, industry and technology and they are often leaned on by other specialists for insight, such as economists and engineers. By choosing to study mathematics, you will develop a mind-set that will be a great asset to you in life. Recent graduate information has shown people with an A-Level in Mathematics have progressed into employment with roles such as a data analyst, data scientist, business analyst and property developer.

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Transition Work

The transition work for Mathematics can be found below.

Students should attempt to complete one task weekly from the booklet over the summer ahead of the start of the course.


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Extra Sparx Transition Work

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Extra Sparx Transition Work Answers

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