Year 10

In year 10 students will continue to follow a scheme of work designed to cover the OCR GCSE specification. The course aims to enable students to:

  • Develop knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts
  • Acquire and use problem-solving strategies
  • Select and apply mathematical techniques and methods in mathematical, everyday and real world situations
  • Reason mathematically, make deductions and inferences and draw conclusions
  • Interpret and communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms.

Students are grouped into ability sets based on prior attainment and will either follow a Foundation or Higher scheme of work as appropriate to the class’ needs. Movement between sets and tiers takes place where appropriate.

Students sit three formal assessments throughout the year and are continually monitored using end-of-topic tests and teacher assessment.

Homework is set once per week and alternates between written tasks and tasks completed online at Written tasks allow students to apply their learning from the classroom to a series of questions designed to prepare them for the style of questions faced in a GCSE exam. Students are expected to take responsibility for their homework, use the resources available to them to complete the work independently, and seek help and advice where needed, in order to ensure finished tasks are of the highest standard.

Year 11

In year 11 students will continue to follow the appropriate scheme of work, with the aim of covering all taught content by the Spring term, to allow ample time for revision before sitting their summer exams. Examination for maths is entirely through written papers, set in two tiers; Foundation and Higher. Students are required to sit 3 exams for maths, 2 using a calculator, 1 without and all content could be tested on any paper. The new grading system will be applied from 2017, with Foundation tier students covering grades 1-5 and Higher tier students covering grades 4-9.

Homework will still be set each week, alternating between written tasks and activities on Later in the year homework will become revision-focussed and will be structured to assist students in understanding how to begin their independent revision. Students are expected to take responsibility for their homework and revision; ensuring finished tasks are of the highest standard before handing in to their teacher.

Throughout year 11 students will sit a number of mock exams; twice before the Christmas break and then every 3 weeks from January onwards. This is to allow for students to gain as much experience as possible of answering exam questions under timed conditions, learn exam technique, and pinpoint areas of priority for their independent revision. It also allows the department to monitor progress and intervene as needed.

All students will be given maximum support in the run up to their GCSE exams in the Summer term, and will be directed towards a variety of high quality revision resources to ensure they reach their maximum potential at the end of year 11.