Each year, we welcome approximately 140-160 students into the Sixth Form. This group is largely made up of students from our current Year 11 with, additionally, a number of students who join us from other local schools. Students joining us in September will be placed on a curriculum pathway. For most, this will involve studying 3 A-levels, or their equivalent, during Year 12 and Year 13. A very small, select, number of students may opt for 4 A-levels.


For students starting Year 12 in September 2022, all A-levels will be linear. This will involve studying for courses for which the content is assessed entirely by examination at the end of Year 13 in June 2024. In addition, we offer AS Thinking Skills for students who have achieved excellent academic results at KS4 and the EPQ to enhance our students’ independent study skills.


In addition to subjects which the students opt to study, all Sixth Form student partake in the Sixth Form Core Curriculum. Our Core Curriculum is part of what makes our Sixth Form distinctive, as all students also study as part of their timetable Religious Education, Sport, and the Personal Development Programme. Students are encouraged to take part in a wide and varied Enrichment Programme including our Student Leadership Scheme where students are encouraged to lead Main School students in activities and provide service to the local community. This curriculum provides excellent foundations for studying in the Sixth Form and allows the students the opportunity to develop a variety of skills that will enhance their overall Sixth Form experience.