Exam Board Pearson Edexcel
Qualification BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care




Merit in Health or Grade 4 in English Language or Literature



(Outline of


This Level 3 BTEC qualification in Health and Social Care has been designed with employers and representatives from higher education and professional bodies. In this way, the qualification covers all the knowledge and skills that are required for working in the health and social care sector. Students will undertake 8 units of study during this programme that cover a range of contemporary topics in health and social care. These range from theoretical principles of how individuals grow and develop, how we monitor the health of the public to examining healthcare research. All students will be offered opportunities to undertake work experiences in a care setting. Although this is not a mandatory requirement of the programme, it is highly recommended as a means of developing skills and expertise needed for entry into future employment or higher education.

Year 12: 

Unit 1:  Human Lifespan Development * externally assessed unit.

Unit 2:  Working in Health and Social Care * externally assessed unit.

Unit 5:   Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs.

Unit 11: Psychological Perspectives

Year 13:

Unit 4:  Enquiries into current research in Health and Social Care * externally assessed unit.

Unit 7:  Principles in safe practice in Health and Social Care.

Unit 8:  Promoting Public Health.

Unit 12: Supporting individuals with additional needs.


Assessment Students undertake 8 units to complete the programme of study. This includes three exam units that will be externally assessed and 5 coursework units that will be internally assessed. Students will receive 2 grades on completion of the qualification. This is equivalent to 2 A-Levels. Internally assessed course work units will be marked by the subject teacher and subject to internal and external verification.  Students will be provided with BTEC assessment guidelines to ensure that they are fully aware of how to meet coursework criteria.

Externally assessed units will be assessed through formal external examinations in the summer of Year 12 and a controlled assessment in Year 13.


 Careers Guidance There are more than 300 distinct career pathways in the health and social care sector. When taken alongside other relevant qualifications, this course can lead to a degree pathway in higher education on professional programmes such as nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, social work, and occupational therapy.

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Vocational Health & Social Care (double) course outline