Year 7
Year 7 students are currently following a balanced science course including Physics, Chemistry and Biology units. This is an enquiry based learning course set in thematic topics to deliver the 3 Sciences in detail whilst incorporating a ‘how science works’ practical approach.
The themes in Year 7 are:
• Lab skills
• Cells
• Particles and Separation
• Magnets and Forces
• Drugs and Alcohol
• Rocks and Weathering
• Chemical Reactions
• Circuits
• Food Chains
• Space
• Reproduction
A formal assessment of these topics takes place 3 times a year in addition to ongoing assessment tasks to assess students’ practical skills and data handling.

Year 8
Year 8 students are currently following a Science course taught by subject specialist teachers in Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The topics that they have been covering this year form an introduction to the Science GCSE in the three disciplines.
A formal assessment of these topics takes place 3 times a year.
Also during their Science lessons students have been working towards a qualification called the Entry Level Certificate. They have undertaken three exams and three pieces of coursework which will be levelled and certificated at the start of the next academic year. The scheme of work is designed to introduce them to the science and contexts they will encounter during their GCSE course’s next year.

Year 9
In Science students begin their Key Stage 4 studies in year 9 to allow them additional time to achieve their full potential in their GCSE exams. The students are taught by subject specialist teachers. In Chemistry they will be studying atomic structure, group chemistry, chemical bonding and quantitative calculations. In Biology they will be studying cell structure, diffusion and organ systems. In Physics they will be studying the particle model and energy. Following assessment results of these topics throughout the year the most suitable Year 10 Science option is recommended for each student.