Year 7

• The elements of Music – exploring and composing with the building blocks of music.
• Keyboard skills – learning notation and practise skills.
• The music of China – exploring Chinese music and pentatonicism.

Year 8
• Music and Space: Exploring music composed in relation to the planets.
• Remixes – understanding the conventions of arrangements and remixes
• Exploring the music of India

Year 9

Term 1 – Module 1 – Soundtracks
Students will learn about:
• How music can enhance the visual images and dramatic impact of film, and can reflect the emotional and narrative messages of the drama.
• How film soundtrack composers use sound effects, leitmotifs, themes and musical clichés together with tools such as cue-sheets and storyboard to assist their planning of a film soundtrack
• How film music can change the viewer’s interpretation of a scene
• How to create an effective musical narrative for a film scene which uses appropriate techniques and structures to create an intended effect.
Term 2 – Module 2 – Music for Special Occasions – Fanfares
Students will learn about:
• History, origins and various uses of Fanfares. Students listen and respond to a variety of Fanfares from different times and places
• Instruments suitable for performing Fanfares and learn about the Harmonic Series, using this to perform a traditional military Fanfare – “The Last Post”.
• Finally, students respond to a commission to write a Fanfare for the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
Term 3 – Module 3 – Popular Music and Cover Versions
Students will learn about:
• The genre of popular song, learning how different artists and groups have created different musical arrangements of the same song.
• different musical devices used in popular songs including how the different structural elements are put together.
• Students explore hooks and riffs and learn about their function within popular songs. The unit ends with pupils creating a cover version/arrangement of a pop song.