Year 7
In Year 7 students look at various branches of Geography and then investigate these topics in more detail following the ‘Geog 1, 2, 3’ series of books:
• Settlement
• Tectonics
• Weather and Climate
• Mapwork
The students study through a range of teaching and learning styles and will experience local area fieldwork this year.

Year 8
Students in year 8 follow an innovative Geography curriculum that mixes traditional Geography topics with more contemporary ones. The course is supported by the Geog. 2 & 3 textbooks and the department’s internet site –
In year 8 the students explore the topics of;
1. Energy; a key resource
2. Global Warming
3. Impossible and Improbable places
4. Ecosystems
5. The Geography of Africa

Year 9
Students study Geography using a wide range of Teaching and Learning strategies. They follow a structured Geography course that has already covered the “The Geography of the UK” and currently involves the study of “Our Risky Earth”. The following unit will be the “The Challenge of Natural Hazards” and the year will finish with a fieldwork enquiry in the local environment of the school. The year 9 course aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue the study of Geography at GCSE. There is full support for all assessments and homework activities on the department’s website,