Year 7
In Year 7, students are working towards National Curriculum Level 4 in French.
In their first year, students will have learned the type of language needed to:
• Talk about themselves
• Talk about and describe their family
• Talk in French in the classroom
• Discuss their school and school day
Throughout the course, they will develop a knowledge of French Phonic sounds, explore the cultural aspects of France and will have developed basic grammatical concepts and linguistic skills. Language learning is based around developing skill in listening, speaking, reading and writing in French.

Year 8
In year 8 students have continued to develop their language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students’ grammatical knowledge has been extended and there has been a particular focus on the future tense this academic year. In terms of content, students have learnt to :
• Talk about where they live in and where they come from
• Describe their town and surrounding area
• Describe holiday preferences
• Describe a future holiday
• Ask and answer questions relating to tourist information
• Describe a recent trip to Paris
Students have also developed their cultural knowledge of French-speaking countries.

Year 9
During the course of the academic year, students will continue to work on developing the four core linguistic skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking. This academic year, there will be a particular focus on ensuring that the students are able to understand and produce language in the three key tenses of the present, past and future tenses. As well as a strong focus on the verb tenses, there is also an important focus on the ability to give and justify in detail their opinions on a variety of topics. The course is also excellent preparation for the GCSE course that students will begin fully in year 10 as they practise many of the key skills needed to succeed at GCSE.
The following topics are covered during the course of the year:
1) T’es branché(e)? (Television, film, Reading and a past weekend), 2) Mon identité (personality, family relationships, music, fashion and our passions) and 3) Aux pays francophones (French-speaking festivals and on holiday in French-speaking countries)