Year 7

In Year 7, pupils have studied the process of designing and making in three of the following areas: Computer graphics, Graphics, Textiles, Food or Product Design.  Pupils have worked on extended design, make and evaluate tasks focussing on:

  • The generation of ideas
  • Responding creatively to a design brief
  • Applying knowledge and understanding of materials and techniques
  • Using understanding of others designing
  • Planning, organising and making
  • Solving technical problems
  • Reflecting on their own designs.

Year 8

In Year 8, students are taught a wide range of skills through a variety of extended design, make and evaluate projects. Their work this year has covered the following areas of Design & Technology:

–          Graphics

–          Food

–          Product Design

The emphasis is on project work and is designed to  help develop creative design ideas using a wide variety of inspiration and to develop a wide range of practical skills including the use of CAD/CAM to help them to realise their ideas.  Projects include the making of souvenir boxes, superheroes graphics work and a wide variety of multicultural dishes in food technology.

Year 9

Year 9 pupils are following a rotation this year and will complete projects in 4 of the following areas:

Food, Textiles, Resistant materials, Graphics or Computer Science.

They will complete extended design and make tasks in these areas to experience work similar to GCSE. They will cover:

  • developing, planning and communicating ideas (research, analysis, specification, generation of ideas, development of solutions, planning, graphical communication)
  • working with tools, equipment, materials and components to produce quality products
  • evaluating processes and products (testing and evaluating their own products; evaluating and analysing commercially manufactured products)

This will give them an experience of GCSE type work which will hopefully assist them with their decision making when they choose their options.