Pupils work in two material areas of DT on two different units of work in year 7 to ensure they are developing a wide range of design and practical skills in order to progress in DT in terms of the requirements of the national curriculum and to start to embed skills that are required at a higher level in KS4 and KS5:

Graphics – Drawing and designers – Year 7 students will learn how to draw using a range of 3D drawing techniques (oblique, one and two point perspective, and isometric) and they will also research a range of designers. Both of these are part of the GCSE specification.

Textiles – Film Merchandise – design, developing and modelling textiles products related to the release of a movie using a range of textiles materials and techniques. Pupils will also be introduced to natural and man made fibres and fabrics to start to build up this knowledge from the GCSE specification.

Product Design – Think Outside The Box – contextual analysis, primary and secondary research, design brief and specification generation, design, prototyping in compliant materials, prototype development, evaluation, sustainable design theory and compliant material theory.