At St Mary’s Catholic School we pride ourselves on providing an exemplary curriculum for all students, including our students with special educational needs.  Our Year 7 to Year 13 curriculum is ambitious, broad and balanced, allowing all students to know more and remember more in lessons, and to achieve exceptional progress.  Our curriculum is planned to stretch and challenge all learners, with highly effective scaffolding in place to ensure our students with SEND and other additional needs also achieve highly.  Our curriculum meets and exceeds all national curriculum requirements.  Due to the numerous strengths and sustained success and impact of our curriculum year on year, St Mary’s supports many other schools within the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust and more widely to share this exemplary practice.

The Business Studies curriculum is exemplary because:

  • Our business studies curriculum goes beyond the exam board specification, it helps students not only achieve excellent results but to become budding entrepreneurs and future business leaders.
  • The business curriculum is designed to be fun and engaging. There are many practical elements that are designed by employers to create outstanding staff of the future.
  • The department is staffed by highly qualified subject specialists with a wealth of exam board knowledge and experience.
  • The Business department is an extremely successful and collaborative department that is passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences and developing the whole child.
  • As a department we are very keen to prepare students for the world of work and further study through developing interpersonal skills, assignment writing, presentation technique and independent learning.
  • We believe in leading by example setting high expectations and values that transfer to the real world. We have selected a curriculum that interests and challenges students by applying their learning to real business scenarios and real-time business news.

The Business Studies curriculum is ambitious, broad and balanced:

  • Students cover a wide variety of subject and functional areas that apply to the real world and often spark interest for future careers. Students will cover Law, economics, marketing, human resources, finance, leadership strategies, ethics to name but a few.
  • We ensure all key content expected by the exam board is covered and applied to real, local businesses.
  • Students learn essential ICT skills, reports writing, presentation techniques, customer service techniques, interview preparation, managerial and leadership training.
  • Students will investigate individual behaviour and how small, medium and multi-nationals conduct their business.

The Business Studies curriculum has effective scaffolding to support our SEND students/other students with additional needs:

  • Careful course selection and sequencing that maximises potential.
  • Robust monitoring and intervention on a weekly basis.
  • Each lesson has clear focus and links into the last.
  • Short snappy tasks that always have suitable support material.
  • Facilitation in lessons to check learners are all on task and understand the objective.
  • Provide scaffolds (except in coursework production) models and worked examples.
  • Linking tasks/research to businesses/products of interest.
  • Links to local businesses/entrepreneurs (guest speakers, trips etc.)
  • Grouping students according to their needs.
  • Revision sessions catered to specific needs.
  • Revision materials – A3 placemats, booklets, workbooks, videos, role-plays to support learners understanding.
  • Ongoing work/meetings with LSA’s.
  • Creating a suitable environment for all learners through high expectations and mutual respect.
  • Encourage independent practice utilising study time effectively.

The Business Studies curriculum is worthy of sharing more widely with other schools because:

  • Staff are highly motivated in ensuring everyone succeeds and will go above and beyond to ensure this.
  • The business curriculum prepares students for the real world and looks to support students with their next step in life.
  • Project and interactive activities are incorporated in pedagogy.
  • Wealth of exam and coursework knowledge shared by staff who are employed by the relevant exam boards.
  • The business department provides an excellent reading curriculum that incorporates real news stories, theoretical texts on areas such as change management and investigating real business CSR reports, financial data.