Appeals Stage Two - Appeal to Exam Boards

This section is to be completed by the student. An awarding organisation appeal must be submitted to the centre and the centre will then submit it to the awarding organisation.
  • Please tick the grounds upon which you wish to appeal:
  • Please provide a short explanation of what you believe went wrong and how you think this has impacted your grade where that relates to your chosen ground for appeal. In some cases you must provide a clear reason but it doesn’t have to be lengthy.
  • You must provide a clear explanation.
  • This is when the centre made a procedural error that has not been corrected at Stage One or the centre did not conduct its review properly and consistently. If you can, please add a further explanation below or alternatively refer to the information that you have already provided above.
  • You must provide a clear explanation of what you believe went wrong and how you think this has impacted on your grade.
  • You can provide a short explanation of the reason for your appeal if you want to.
  • I confirm that I am requesting an appeal for the qualification named above and that I have read and understood the information provided in the ‘TAG Appeals - Important information for students’ section of the website. I am aware that:
  • - The outcome of the appeal may result in my grade remaining the same, being lowered or raised
  • - I understand that there is no further opportunity to appeal to the awarding organisation and that the next stage would be to contact the regulator. The awarding organisation will include the next appropriate steps, where applicable, in their appeal outcome letter which you will receive from your school/college.
  • Please upload a photograph or scanned copy of your signature in order to proceed with a Stage 1 Appeal.
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