Appeals Stage One - Centre Review (Student Request)

This section is to be completed by the student. A request for a centre review must be submitted to the centre, not the awarding organisation. A centre review must be conducted before an appeal to the awarding organisation. This is so the awarding organisation is certain that your grade is as the centre intended.
  • A priority appeal is only for students applying to higher education who did not attain their firm choice and wish to appeal an A level or other Level 3 qualification result.
  • Please tick one or both of the options if they apply to your request. If you don’t think either apply, your centre will still conduct a review for administrative and procedural errors so the awarding organisation can be certain that your grade is as the centre intended.
  • Please provide a short explanation of what you believe went wrong and how you think this has impacted your grade.
  • I confirm that I am requesting a centre review for the qualification named above and that I have read and understood the information provided in the ‘Important information for students’ section above. In submitting this review, I am aware that:
  • 1) The outcome of the review may result in my grade remaining the same, being lowered or raised
  • 2) The next stage (Stage Two, the appeal to awarding organisation) may only be requested once the centre review (Stage One) has been requested and concluded.
  • Please upload a photograph or scanned copy of your signature in order to proceed with a Stage 1 Appeal.
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