GCSEs have changed during the last few years, and have become more challenging, with increased content and harder exams. Year 9, therefore, needs to be used as good preparation for the demands of GCSEs.

As such, we have adopted our approach so that in Year 9, all children will continue to study RE, English Language and Literature, Maths, the 3 separate Sciences, PE and our Pastoral Programme. All students in Year 9 will also continue with 3 subjects drawn from French, Spanish, History and Geography. Some will choose to continue with all 4 of these. All students will continue with at least one creative/technology subject and will also choose one additional subject to complete their programme and retain breadth and balance overall.  

Ideally, students should select subjects that they are keen on for GCSE in Years 10/11. It may be possible to pick up some subjects for GCSE in Year 10 if they are not studied in Year 9. Please note, however, that this does not apply to languages or history/geography. They must be followed in Year 9 for a student to continue them to GCSE.