St Mary’s Outstanding Exam Results 2017

Congratulations to all of our Year 11 and Sixth Form students for the outstanding results that they have achieved this summer.

Fantastic A level performance

Our Sixth Form students have performed superbly well this year, setting new records for the school.  The A level pass rate was 100% for the third year in succession.  An impressive 1 in 3 academic A level grades was an A*/A, with almost 2/3rds graded A*/B, far exceeding the national and regional averages.    Students’ performance in vocational A levels was equally impressive, with 100% of entries being Merit or better, and 83% Distinction.  All of our students secured excellent university places to study a wide range of courses.  Four of our students are off to Oxford and Cambridge to study Medicine, History and Politics, Engineering and Modern Foreign Languages.  Three are off to Durham to study Law, Computer Science and Software Design.  In fact, our students will be beginning life as undergraduates at 30 different universities around the UK, including 15 Russell Group institutions.  Well done to each and every student and we wish you the best for the future and look forward to hearing about your continued success in the years ahead.  Congratulations also go to our year 12 students who performed brilliantly in their AS levels, also gaining the best results in the school’s history.

Outstanding GCSE results

St Mary’s is celebrating the tremendous achievements of its Year 11 students who have also set new records for the school this year with their fabulous GCSE results.  For the third year in succession, more than 80% of all GCSE exam entries were A*-C and 99.8% A*-G.  Most impressively, 33% or 1 in 3 of all entries were A* or A.  This is an increase on last year’s 31% A*/A, despite the much publicised harder course content in the English Language, English Literature and Mathematics.

Special congratulations go to all of our students for their outstanding performance in these extremely challenging, newly reformed GCSEs, graded 9-1.  Over 80% of students obtained the new Level 4+ benchmark in Maths, English and English Literature.  Almost 60% achieved the Level 5+ benchmark in both Maths and English.  These fantastic results are well above the national averages.  Early indications are that they are among the highest in the north-east.

As reported in the national press, grade 9 in English and Maths was reserved for exceptional performance and, nationally, approximately 3% of students actually achieved this level in Maths and English Literature, and only 2% in English Language.   Schools could have only expected a very small handful of grade 9s to be obtained by a very small number of students.  We were thrilled, therefore, that at St Mary’s, our students’ performance at this level, far exceeded the national average, with 32 grade 9s achieved by 22 students representing 12% of the year group.  This included 13 grade 9s in Maths and 19 grade 9s across the two English subjects.  There were also 4 A^s (higher than A*) in Further Maths GCSE.   Special congratulations go to three students, Erin Pennock, Peter Robinson and Joseph Stonor who each achieved three grade 9s in addition to a string of A*s in their other subjects!    This is a tremendous achievement as it has been estimated that only 2,000 students out of approximately 500,000 (or 0.4%) achieved three grade 9s!

As ever, results across all 25 GCSE subjects and 5 vocational subjects were really impressive, contributing to the highest overall results in the school’s history.  Our congratulations go to every one of our students.

Word of thanks

Congratulations and a HUGE thanks go to our talented and dedicated staff who, as usual, worked tirelessly to support all students preparing for public exams.  We also thank all parents and carers for their great support of their children and of the school.

J Foster


Summer Showcase of Talent 2017

We enjoyed another hugely successful summer concert on Wednesday evening. The 80 students involved were outstanding. Ensembles giving wonderful performances included, Key Stage 3 Ensemble, Choir, Chamber String Ensemble, Jazz Orchestra and School Orchestra. Many congratulations and thanks to all involved. Mr Richardson.

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Year 9 Plate Winners

On Wednesday 22nd March, the year 9 Netball team competed in the city tournament at St Mary’s. After the first two games, St Mary’s really got into their stride and utilised each other’s strengths well to defeat their opponents, RGS ‘B’ and Dame Allans ‘B’. Grace Taylor, who captained the team, led her team brilliantly on the night. Grace played centre and controlled the game very well to support both in defence and attack to create goal scoring opportunities for us. Leah Martin and Hannah Crowdy played excellent together in the circle, to score some fantastic goals. Continue reading